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The write kind of magic +enthusiasm for new experiences,
+wisdom from past experiences =quirky, yet competant, invaluable [witchy] VA!

Hi, I’m Amanda! I’ve been a VA for a few years now, helping witches manage their witchy-aligned businesses from afar. I employ skill, talent, education, experience, and magic to ensure that you’re living your best life.

I live in a small New England town with my family. My soul purpose, as a writer, VA, and spiritual advisor, is to help others live their best life, as I am living mine.

Services I offer*

Virtual Assistant

Content Creation

Social Media Management


Project Management

Spiritual Advisor

Tarot Readings

Magical Mentorship

Oracle Readings

Psychic Development Mentorship

Start living

Your Best Life…

Let me handle the busywork,

(i.e. managing this, writing that, editing these, coordinating/ scheduling those, etc.),

Freeing Your Focus For:

  • crushing your goals,
  • growing your business,
  • establishing a balance amongst home, work, and witchcraft/spirituality.

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