How old is my soul?

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I recently celebrated my 31st birthday (May 10th), and it got me thinking about past lives, and wondering:

How old is my soul?

The idea that I have lived in multiple bodies, over who knows how many years can be a bit mind boggling. I’ve had past-life readings done a few times, and they actually matched up to visions I’ve had of memories when I’ve gone into guided meditations to explore my soul’s past. Based on my experiences, past life readings by two totally separate readers, and a number of tarot card spreads, I know this much:

  • I was a witch in at least one past life, and during such time I was very powerful, well-known, and healed many people.
  • I died young in a few of my past lives
  • Romance has been an issue for my soul for at least 3 lifetimes
  • Having children has been a struggle for my soul in at least 2 lifetimes
  • I committed suicide in at least one past life.

So, what does that mean for this life?

The concept of Karma is a little above my head, but if I understand it right, this means I have some lessons to learn in this life else they follow me into the next. I’ve had a child, and lived through some horrific times. There have been moments where I managed to cope with a trauma in a healthy way and it was like a veil was lifted, and I could see simultaneously into the past and future (in my minds’ eye of course), and what I saw was that I had resolved an issue that had plagued me for multiple lifetimes. It was a very powerful, personal experience. I’m sharing only this much because I feel that it is important to know. If you are struggling, and feel like giving up, don’t. You are strong, you are badass, and you are wise. You can make it through. Set all the bullshit aside, come up with a plan, and charge through like a dragon through a wooden gate. (Obviously I’m still reeling from the last Game of Thrones episode, so that was the only image to come to mind lol).

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If you look into your past, you can figure out stuff for this life. Why do your relationships suck? Why are you afraid of pineapples? Why do you detest the smell of patchouli, but love the smell of skunk? According to some, these strange, unexplained issues are clues about our past lives. if you are clairvoyant, like myself, you can access your Akashic records and ask to see past experiences with this thing or that, and you could gain insight into why you feel the way you do. Once you understand the why, you can figure out how to get past them.

How do I know if I’ve lived a past life?

There are a few different signs. The ones I know of, personally, are as follows:

  1. You have glimpses of memories from past lives – you’ll know it’s a past life because the memory will be in a place or time far from the present. You will be in a place you know you’ve never been, or you’ll be wearing clothes or using tools you’ve never seen before. One cool way to access past life memories is through Automatic drawing or painting. I wrote an article about this for Spiral Nature magazine. You can check it out Here. In short, you open your mind and, once your protections are in place, you allow a spirit, deity, or some energy source to draw for you. You could simply shift consciousness with the intention of allowing your Higher Self to take over the pen or paintbrush. I did this a few times, and had amazing results.
  2. You have an ‘old soul’. In terms of witchcraft, this often becomes known when you are learning how to be a witch. For me, spells, psychism, energy work, and deity communication all came very easy for me. Many things I just knew – like I’d read an introductory sentence saying “I’m going to tell you about this” and I instantly knew what it was all about, even though I had no memory of reading or hearing about that concept or phenomenon before.
  3. You have strange, unexplained phobias. I have a fear of stairs. No clue why – still don’t know why, actually. Carpeted stairs are fine, but wooden or stone steps, especially those with space in between each step, freak me out.

The Reader’s Digest listed the following as signs of a past life.

Persistent memories

“Dr. John McGrail, a clinical hypnotherapist who has been featured in TimeThe Chicago Tribune, and New York Daily News, says this characteristic is common among people who may have lived past lives. He describes these feelings as, “persistent ‘memories,’ or intuitive feelings of being someone else somewhere else at another time.” According to McGrail, “This can be accompanied by a physical manifestation like a birthmark, that when looked at invokes a feeling or ‘memory.’”

Déjà vu

Frequent déjà vu can be your Higher Self trying to tell you something about your experiences from a past life.

Strange fears

Dr. McGrail has had incredible experiences with patients who do, and who have come to revelations about their previous lives.

Strange pains

I know I will randomly get stabbing pains in my side or belly. It isn’t frequent, per se, but enough to make me wonder. I’ve had X-rays, an endoscopy and seen a number of doctors who could not explain why. This, according to hypnotherapists, could be indicative of an event from a past life.

… hypnotherapists, like Dr. McGrail, think. “Having a physical or emotional issue—it can be persistent or suddenly appear; a pain, a fear, phobia, etc.—that has no discernible origin or cause from this lifetime [is a sign].”

Inexplicable skills and/or knowledge

Could you play the piano without getting lessons? or maybe you realized you could understand the shop owner when he spoke in Greek to his kids, even though you’ve never heard a single word in Greek before?

These are huge indicators for many hypnotherapists that illuminate who they were in their past life. “They have a skill or trait (positive or negative) and there is no obvious reason they would have that,” says Schmaren.

 Similar to having an inexplicable skill is having inexplicable knowledge….For Dr. McGrail, this is a commonplace phenomenon. He cites “knowing things about another time that ought not be knowable” as a major sign that a person’s former life is infiltrating their present.

The Reader’s Digest listed quite a few more indicators, and I encourage you to check it out.

How can I learn more about past life regression?

Start with your intuition. Sit down, clear your mind, and set the intention that you want to learn about past lives. Maybe have some soft music, like drums or flutes, playing in the background. Light incense or turn on an oil diffuser – scents like Dragons’ blood have protective properties and aid in opening your Third Eye, which helps in receiving psychic messages. I like to hold a pen and a notebook when I do exercises like this, so I can jot notes to myself. Despite years of practice, I have foggy or missing spots when I come back from a journey or meditation. One professional psychic I spoke to said that I have very strong psychic energy, and that I just go so deep that it’s normal to forget a bit. Whatever the reason, it helps me to jot notes.

The next step would be research. There are countless websites about past lives. One book I would recommend, however, is about Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are the records of every event your soul has ever experienced. By learning how to access your Records, you learn a great deal about your past lives. Once you are comfortable exploring your own records, this book will teach you how to explore other peoples records – they must give you permission first, of course. By learning about the past lives of other people you are given a broader scope, and establish your own theories about past lives. How to Read the Akashic Records, by Linda Howe, is one of the most recommended books on Akashic Records. Howe has extensive experience with the Records, and has established a method for accessing them that prevails all others.

Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records: Taking Your Life from Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary
If you want to check out a book without paying, this is the best selling book on Akashic Records and is available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

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Learning more about your past lives can be rewarding, beneficial, and healing. It’s heady stuff, and can get you thinking about existential crap but don’t let that derail you from the goal. If you have questions, or want to learn more, just shoot me an email! I’ve started a Pinterest board, too, containing all sorts of spiritual stuff that I’ve either discussed or plan to discuss in the near future.

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My undefined Celebrations

For my birthday I spent time with family. My parents took my son and me out to supper, and the next day my brother drove 3 hours to come visit me! He actually went to my Gram’s house, where I was able to spend time with my brother, sister, mother, and grandparents. We helped my sister set up her garden bed, and just enjoyed each others company (and the left over cupcakes my step-mom and dad gave me the night before at supper lol).

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