Magical Musings Blog is Now Magical Medium!

I’ve got some crazy changes in the works guys, and I just wanted to thank you ahead of time for your patience, your understanding, and for not trolling me because the website is still displaying “Magical Musings” everywhere.

I have a new author website –, which is why I decided to move the blog over to that site, making this site solely dedicated to offering spiritual services. I mean, that’s been my focus for a while now anyways, so it’s past time the website reflected that..

It’ll take some time to get things situated- especially because I have NO CLUE how to move the blog posts from one page to another- but we’ll get there.

I have had some client fluctuations and made some serious career choices, so while in the long run, my career is improving, until my books are published and actually sell, my income is going to hit an all time low. And I’m expecting my second child in September (2021). So that’s another reason for shifting the focus and changing the name of this website- I need to attract more clients. I’m not going to beat around the bush – anyone who’s followed me for more than a year knows transparency is my thing. Is it tacky to be like “I need money so I reworked my freelance services business model”- maybe, but it’s free of bullshit and that matters more in my opinion.

So anyways, please, check out my tarot and oracle services – get yourself a session, tell your friends and family to get a session. If you don’t want cartomancy, (divination via cards) email me- we can figure out the most suitable approach to help/improve/adjust your situation and come to an agreement regarding the fee. In addition to transparency, fairness is another one of my ‘things’. I just could not, in good conscience, charge fees that I would not be able to pay myself. Like, I can’t afford a $50 tarot reading, so I’m sure as shit not going to charge that much. Same goes for mediumship readings- I wouldn’t pay more than $20 – especially when there’s no guarantee the medium will connect with a spirit who wishes to speak to you, and there’s of course the whole ‘how much can I trust that this person is legit?’ thing with mediums. So again, I charge what I would pay. And I’m not ashamed to allow clients to add a gratuity fee when they purchase services – I’ve tipped readers before, so why not keep the option open? I mean for me, a $2 tip is just as valuable as a $10 tip – the whole point of it is to express gratitude. Gratitude is a magic all its’ own – when I know others are grateful for me, I just do better.

Check out my Author Website! It will soon be the home of this blog! (once I figure out how to transfer them all over lol).


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