Get to Know a Goddess: Part 3

November 18th: Matariki Matariki, a Hawaiian Goddess, becomes the Pleiades with her six children in Polynesian mythology. Six kids! My goodness, you'd have to be a goddess to be a mother of 6. I have hard enough time with my son and my nephew! Themes: StarsHarvestPeace Symbols: Starsthe Number Seven Celebrating Matariki From mid-to-late November, … Continue reading Get to Know a Goddess: Part 3


Get to know a Goddess: Part 1

A Note from Amanda Hello my Loves! I know - where the heck have I been? WELL - long story short, my life has been crazy. Last month I took in my nephew, and it's been crazy keeping up with work, my son, and rearranging my home and routine to accomodate my nephew. I've loved … Continue reading Get to know a Goddess: Part 1

The Magical Gratitude 28-day Challenge

Happy New year! I cannot believe how quickly 2018 came to an end! It was probably one of the best years of my life. . I have been working hard to improve my life - to heal, to attain sovereignty, to empower myself - and the results have been magnificent. I have found happiness for … Continue reading The Magical Gratitude 28-day Challenge

Thoughtful Thursdays: Finding the Magical in the Mundane

✨✨There is magic all around, no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing... you just have to be open to it. There are many realms within this world - little worlds within this world: Forests, Fields, Beaches, Backyards even. Today I will tell you how to transform a mundane walk through the woods … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursdays: Finding the Magical in the Mundane

It is Incredible…

◇◇◇◇It is INCREDIBLE... the power of a woman who is not afraid to say no.No matter how many times I watch this video I get chills. Fleassy Malay has found the words, the voice, and even the facial expressions that reach into my soul and grip my core. It was when I finally claimed back that … Continue reading It is Incredible…